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Panel gipsum bertekstur untuk plafon Anda
Tanpa perlu penyekrupan, pengomponan dan pengecatan

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Starting 18 April

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We stand for justice, integrity and respect when dealing with each other. As a role model for society we are socially committed and treat our environment with respect.


We trust each other and can rely on each other. As a team, we support each other wherever possible. We are reliable and loyal.


We are fully committed to providing solutions and products of the highest quality. We continue developing for our joint success and share our knowledge.


We act pragmatically, are result-oriented and use our opportunities. . With a pioneering spirit, innovation and readiness to accept change, we create continuous growth.


Knauf gypsum boards are manufactured from high quality gypsum, with a purity of not less than 95%. 


Our compound and plaster are different and better by design.

Partition System

Knauf Partition System completed with Knauf metal component products which are cold-rolled from high-grade galvanized steel in accordance with ASTM C645.

Ceiling System

Knauf Ceiling Systems meet the performance requirements of many different types of building and locations within the building.