Our compound and plaster are different and better by design. Whether you want hand-applied compound and plaster, finishing compound and plaster, or one-coat, Knauf has it covered.

With a high purity of natural gypsum, the innovative range of Knauf compound and plaster gives a fantastic white, smooth finish. Knauf plaster significantly reduced time scales, also health & safety improved with no mess.

Cornice Compound 3 in 1

3 in 1 Cornice Compound is a gypsum based powder with 3 functions in 1 formulation.

Casting Plaster

Knauf Casting Plaster is a high quality plaster product used for various applications.


K-Joint is a gypsum based powder for finishing to cover gypsum board joint and screw head.


K-Bond is a product specifically designed as an adhesive to attach Knauf gypsum board