Acoustic Solution

There are different acoustic requirements when it comes to commercial and public buildings, depending on the use of the space. With a wide range of potential areas and usage, it may be necessary to tailor a solution to a specific application and acoustic requirement.

For large, open areas such as foyers or shopping centres, there may be a requirement for sound absorption due to noise generated by high pedestrian and equipment traffic, as well as music and speech. This noise could reverberate and echo around that space, creating an uncomfortable acoustic environment. However, spaces such as office meeting rooms require sound resistant wall systems in order to ensure privacy and quiet, functional acoustic environments.

Using Knauf products and systems, solutions for both sound reduction and absorption improve the ambience and the acoustic environment. Cleaneo can be used to absorb and control the reverberation of excessive sound, while the use of Soundshield will minimize the transmission of sound through wall and ceiling systems.