Aesthetics SOLUTION

Aesthetics Solution

The aesthetics of a modern building are considered as important as its functionality. Occupants place a premium on built environments that match their lifestyles and needs. Aesthetics has a big part to play in creating these contemporary spaces, which are increasingly in demand.

Areas where aesthetics are considered important include foyers, waiting rooms, restaurants, shops, cafes, and offices. Considerations for creating environments that help achieve the function of the space, for example, a calming decor in a hospital or aged care interior application, are also important.

Plasterboard can be curved to create imaginative architectural effects. With careful installation and proper framing methods, tightly curved walls and ceilings are possible, particularly with Knauf plasterboard. The use of perforated plasterboard can create ceilings with styled patterns or even seamless finishes with the use of Cleaneo.