Knauf AQUAPANEL Cement Board merupakan bahan bangunan yang sangat tahan lama, menyediakan substrat padat dan tahan lama untuk area dalam ruangan basah seperti kamar mandi, mandi mengelilingi, dapur, kolam renang dan binatu. Hal ini juga memberikan manfaat yang signifikan dalam isolasi suara dan keselamatan kebakaran, serta perlindungan jangka panjang dalam kondisi yang sangat lembab dan basah.



Aquapanel Cement Board

Aggregated Portland cement board with coated glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces. Ends are square cut and edges reinforced and finished smoothly (the EasyEdge).

Thickness : 12.5 mm
Width : 900 mm
Length : 1200 mm
Weight : approx.15 kg/m2


AQUAPANEL Maxi Screws have been specially developed for fixing AQUAPANEL Cement Board Indoor on to metal and timber substructures. The 39mm effective screw length (L=40mm) is adequate for a double layer of boards on a metal substructure. The screws have a Climate-X® corrosion protection coating, which gives a guaranteed 1.500 hours corrosion resistance in a salt spray test. AQUAPANEL Maxi Screws with drill points are suitable for metal sections up to 2.0mm thick.

Approx. Coverage : 15 pcs/m2, stud spacing 600mm
Packaging : 500 pieces/pack.



AQUAPANEL Joint Adhesive (PU)

AQUAPANEL Joint Adhesive (PU) is used for joining individual AQUAPANEL Cement Board Indoor panels.

Approximate Coverage : 50ml/m2
Packaging : 310ml/cartridge, 20 cartridges/carton


A ready-touse skim coat that is water repellent and which can produce a fine finished surface up to Q4 standard. For contractors and installers, this product offers a new, faster solution for finishing surfaces above the tiled area because no interior mesh is required. When used as a skim coat on AQUAPANEL Cement Board Indoor, AQUAPANEL Q4 Finish ensures a level and smooth finished surface which can provide an ideal base for smooth or textured glossy wall coverings.

Coverage : 1.7kg/m2/mm of cement board
Thickness of layer : 0–3mm
Colour : White
Specific weight : 1.7kg/l
Packaging : 20kg plastic pail
Storage : Shelf life up to 6 months.
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