About Us

The Knauf Group

The Knauf Group today is one of the leading companies in the building materials industry: 300 plants, 41,500 employees, and annual sales of 12 billion Euro (in 2021). We did not only work hard for this success.

Our success is also the result of great responsibility, high dependability, and much fairness. In and out, for our customers and for our employees. We have the right to be proud.

What makes Knauf Knauf? It is our sense of community. Our ability to make a good contribution to the completion of a building project. Our will to think and act cooperatively. Everything in the interests of our customers. For their goals and their success. Thanks to our exceptional employees.

Knauf products and systems for buildings are innovative, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, fairly-priced and sustainable.

We are Knauf. A name that speaks for itself.

We. You. Together.