Knauf Ceiling System Solution for Aesthetic and Healthy Needs

Knauf Ceiling

The aesthetics of a building is one of the important indicators for contractors, architects, developers, or even homeowner. Other than that, a building should be designed to meet the needs of safety, health, and durability of the people who live in it. Considering the role of beauty in design is crucial to enabling the way for people to feel engaged and healthy in a space. To truly enhance human well-being, building design needs to develop beyond a single parameter such as the look, but also to play a role as a health-supporting human behaviors. The incorporation of beauty in design is parallel to creating spaces that effectively enhance the human quality of life.

Why is health also a crucial factor besides the beauty of design?

Health is the most important asset and the best investment we need to look for carefully. Being healthy is not only by taking care of your sleep schedule, keep your body and mind active, look out for your consumption, keep yourself out of stress. It is also taken place from things you are not conscious of, such as your house and everything in it.

According to the policy of Indonesian Ministry of Health No.1077/MENKES/PER/V/2011 there are some chemicals that might contained in your surroundings unforeseen. This policy also tells us about the parameters of a healthy building are, which contains of physic, chemicals, and biology. The physic parameter consists of temperature, lighting, and moisture. The biology parameter consists of the amount of mold, bacterial, and pathogenic aspects. Meanwhile, the chemical parameter sets the limit amount of a few chemical materials such as lead that is acceptable for human body’s exposure.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in the Earth’s crust. Its widespread use has resulted in extensive environmental contamination, human exposure, and significant public health problems in many parts of the world. Lead is a metal that may be found in the home or work environment. The severity of lead poisoning symptoms depends on the length of exposure that is:

  • Short term exposure can lead to symptoms ranging from headaches to abdominal pain, fatigue, weakness, memory loss or constipation.

  • Higher levels of lead exposure have caused brain damage, anemia, kidney damage, or even death. The dangers of lead exposure are dangerous to younger children. Pregnant women exposed to lead have suffered miscarriages and stillbirths, while children under the age of six have showed signs of learning disabilities, memory loss, also brain and nerve damage.

Lead can be found in painting products such as wall paint, drawing paint, building materials that coated with paint such as wooded furniture, wall, and ceiling boards. Things we can do to suppress the negative effect of lead are by always be aware of product ingredients to avoid the using of paints that might contains lead, and do not burn, clean, scrape, or peel painted stuffs because it also might contain lead.

Knauf is a Smart Solution for Your Every Needs

Considering the standard of human quality of life and to support the wellness and health of the people, Knauf determined to be part of this impact by providing safe, healthy, and excellent quality products. With German technology, environmentally friendly products, and safe for health, Knauf is a smart solution for your building materials.

Knauf Gypsum Tile Textura and T-Grid Ceiling System

Gypsum Tile Textura ceilings are installed using a T-Grid system or acoustic panel frame so that no more screwing, pumping, and painting is required. Gypsum Tile Textura is suitable for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, conference centers, apartments, housing, etc.

Gypsum Tile Textura is produced by using boards gypsum Knauf. Designed and manufactured to provide textured surface and consistent with embossed patterns that makes it amazingly fast and easy to install. Gypsum Tile Textura is heat resistant, tough, durable, safe, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, there are other benefits of using Knauf Gypsum Tile Textura which are:

  • Bright and beautiful white color

  • Beautiful design with cherry blossom texture

  • Good light reflection

  • Harmless

  • Non-flammable

  • T-Grid frame connection, strong & precision

  • Easy & quick installation

We also provide you an installment tutorial video as a guidance for you to install Knauf Gypsum Tile Textura and T-Grid Ceiling System and check out our social media and hotlines for more information:

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