Interactivity Installation Harmonizing Harmony at ARCH:ID 2024 Exhibition

Jakarta, February 22, 2024. The largest architecture exhibition in Indonesia, ARCH:ID, organized by the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI), returns to ICE BSD with the theme Placemaking: Tolerance. The event, which runs for four days, is attended by professional architects, government agencies, urban planners, and is open to the public.

The exhibition is enlivened by manufacturing companies showcasing architectural materials, one of which is Knauf Indonesia, featuring its flagship products including Knauf Cleaneo® acoustic gypsum boards and AQUAPANEL® cement boards. Collaborating with Adi Purnomo, the principal of Mamostudio, Knauf Indonesia’s booth adopts the theme of INTERACTIVITY. In its design process, Adi Purnomo aims to demonstrate the possibilities of activity patterns in public spaces, circulation areas, or private spaces.

“We consider the entire ARCH:ID as a representation of the urban environmental order where this booth becomes a part of it. How the “private” INTERACTIVITY booth featuring Knauf Cleaneo® and AQUAPANEL® products can interact with public circulation while maintaining harmony with the existing order, in line with this year’s ARCH:ID theme of Tolerance,” explains Adi Purnomo.

“These three products have flexible design features that support architects’ freedom of expression, aligning with their design vision and mission. In addition to harmony in terms of design and aesthetics, Knauf Indonesia also aims to encourage people to live harmoniously with the environment. Therefore, the three products we showcase in this exhibition represent one of the ways that society can contribute to maintaining a sustainable environment through the selection of appropriate materials. These products are not only environmentally friendly due to their dry construction classification but also safe for health. Knauf Cleaneo® acoustic gypsum boards feature unique perforated patterns with high sound resistance performance, enhancing both the aesthetic value of the room with their seamless appearance and the audio quality within the space. In addition to product performance, Knauf global manufacturing is also planning environmentally friendly production with the target of zero emissions by 2045. This is a significant step towards realizing our contribution to environmental preservation for future generations,” added Raden Krismahadianto, Brand & Marketing Communication Manager of Knauf Indonesia.

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