Top Branding Challenge: Appreciation Event Competition for Knauf Partners Indonesia

As a company that values its customers more than anything else, Knauf Indonesia is excited to announce the launch of the Top Branding Challenge. This initiative is our way of expressing gratitude to our loyal Knauf Partners who have supported us over the years. With this program, we aim to create a more personal and meaningful connection with all of them. This program has been designed as a way for us to show our appreciation to Knauf Partners for their continued support and to demonstrate the value and appreciation we have for their business.

Top Branding Challenge is a competition for Knauf Partners to give their best service in the name of the brand to end-user customers. Top Branding Challenge was held as our annual program and distributed across the nation and keeps expanding. Starting the program, we distributed the starter pack for all participants as supporting materials to boost the competition.

Along with the program, various online and offline events are also available and can be adjusted with customer segment needs, one of them is the training session called Knauf In-Depth, followed by the competition until the last months of the year. Other events were also held to maintain the relationship with all Knauf Partners, such as the event Gathering with Customers, Knauf Excellence, and Knauf Edu conducted across cities in Indonesia.

After months of the event competition, we would like to congratulate all winners and participants of the Top Branding Challenge program. Along with that, Knauf Indonesia wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude to all distributors and end-user customers who also made significant contributions to the successful completion of the program.

All inputs and reviews from all Knauf Partners regarding the Top Branding Challenge 2022 are incredibly valuable and important to us, as they help us improve and develop better programs in the future. Quoting the testimonials given by Knauf Partners, “The Knauf Top Branding Challenge is a great program that has boosted our spirits and encouraged us to always provide the best service for end-user customers by improving the stock quantity, product range, and reinforcing our knowledge of products.” In addition, they also mentioned that the program has successfully enhanced their creativity by providing ideas and inspiration to improve branding and store displays.

We hope to maintain and improve all the positive blueprints and achievements gained through Top Branding Challenge 2022 to a better level. Through Top Branding Challenge, we hope to give back to all our Knauf Partners and customers for what they have given us. We wish to maintain a good relationship with all our valued partners. Their satisfaction is our biggest motivation for maintaining the quality that we have. Not only do we provide excellent products such as gypsum boards, compounds, metals, and drywalls with German Technology, but we also provide Smart Solutions to meet and answer all the needs of customers. We. You. Together with Knauf.

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