Knauf Movie Mania 2023 : Strengthening Customer Bonds through Casual Gatherings

For Knauf Indonesia, fostering customer loyalty has become paramount for business seeking sustained success. Hosting a movie night stands as a testament to Knauf Indonesia’s dedication to Knauf partnership value to our customers beyond mere transactions. It’s a chance to convey appreciation for their loyalty and patronage. By extending invitations to such enjoyable and relaxed events, we communicate that our customers are more than just numerical figures; they are individuals with whom we aim to forge lasting connections. As a result, the Knauf Movie Mania was conducted – a casual gathering aimed at bringing people together through the shared joy of cinema.

Knauf Movie Mania is one of Knauf Indonesia’s annual events that leaves a resounding impact. Knauf Movie Mania has been held successfully in Central and East area in Indonesia, with the support of the well-known big cinemas in Indonesia, we provide our customers the best services not only related to the facility, but also the movies, food and beverages, and exclusive merchandises for social media challenge winners and video testimonial speakers.

In 2022 for example, over 100 customers gathered in Jakarta to collectively watch ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Following the success and customer enthusiasm of prior events, Knauf Movie Mania returned in 2023, spanning two cities: Jakarta and Surabaya. Maintaining the same format and concept with previous events, Knauf Movie Mania Jakarta attracted customers to gather, with eager anticipation for ‘The Flash’ movie. The attendees represented diverse segments, including architects, developers, contractors, consultants, distributors, and retailers.

To expand the event’s reach, we once again launched a social media challenge, encouraging participants to engage digitally and thereby enhance brand awareness. This initiative urges attendees to create Instagram content related to the event which yielded commendable results, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of attendees who eagerly participated in the social media campaign, ultimately leading to a positive impact on our social media presence.

Still in 2023, another gathering was held in Surabaya. Drawing more than 140 attendees, the event showcased the widespread excitement to watch ‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One’. In different month, the same event was held in Bali with the high enthusiasm of 100 customers to watch the “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” movie. Not forget to mention, a social media challenge also was executed, which also participated by dozens of customers to make contents in their social media.

Movie nights possess an enduring charm that transcends age and background. Attendees of cinematic gatherings don’t merely watch a film; they partake in an experience. Memories forged during such events linger, reinforcing favorable sentiments towards the Knauf brand. In the future, these memories will evoke positive connections and strengthen the bond among Knauf Indonesia and our valuable customers. This is evidenced by the organic feedback received from several customers who participated in video testimonials. Their positivity extended not only to the event but also to Knauf products, systems, and the team’s service excellence.

Inviting customers to partake in cinema experiences establishes a distinctive avenue to connect with the Knauf brand on a personal level. The shared enjoyment of films encourages authentic interactions, sparking organic conversations that encompass more than movie preferences. Knauf Movie Mania serves as a platform for discussing shared experiences, business trends, and market insights, transcending the conventional customer-business relationship. We aspire to attain lasting customer loyalty through this event and to maintain this positive rapport, Knauf Movie Mania has evolved into an annual event hosted by Knauf Indonesia and is dedicated for all customers, We, You, Together.

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